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Who We Are

Individual journeys on one unified path: to preserve the Second Amendment

Women for Gun Rights is a nationwide organization of women committed to safeguarding the Second Amendment. A non-partisan initiative of daughters, mothers, and sisters that believe education is the key to firearm safety and violence prevention, not legislation. We counter the disinformation gun control groups circulate by informing our friends, families, communities, and legislators with the truth that gun rights are human rights.

Advisory Board

Dianna Muller

Dianna Muller is the Founder of the DC Project. She is a retired 22-year veteran of the Tulsa Police Department and two-time national 3-gun champion and professional shooter.

Robyn Sandoval

Robyn Sandoval owns the nation’s largest firearms training organizations for women. A former gun control advocate, she shares her journey to supporting gun rights.

Beth Walker

Beth Walker is a competitive shooter, 2A advocate, college student, and writer. She teaches other Gen Zs about the importance and sanctity of essential liberties as Americans.

Kelly Pidgeon

Retired healthcare executive, mom, community volunteer, professional firearms instructor, and public speaker.

Amanda Suffecool

Nationally Syndicated 2A Radio Host with, instructor and the producer of concealed carry fashion shows across the country. Retired rocket scientist.

Holly Sullivan

Mom, Community Selectman, President at CCDL and pistol instructor.

Staci Claunch

Mom, wife, Veteran who served in Iraq and in Afghanistan, professional firearms instructor.

Cindy Zumwalt

Formerly anti gun, mom, grandma, Business Office Manager, firearms instructor, advocate

State Directors


College Professor, Sociologist, mom. dog mom, advocate


Cheryl Todd is a business owner and radio host. Her motto “Polka Dots Are My Camo” inspires others to be Ordinary Warriors and protect those they love.


Wife, dog mom, baker and candy maker, medicinal herbalist, Automotive Damage


Wife, dog mom, regulatory affairs consultant, professional firearms instructor


Barb Miller works in healthcare, is a firearms instructor and 2nd Amendment advocate and has a Bachelor Degree from Metropolitan State College of Denver.


Violent Crime Survivor, 2A Advocate, Marketing Mercenary, and Mom of 2 Teens


Shirley Watral is a professional firearms instructor, survivor of domestic violence, author of Heels to Holster, speaker and Second Amendment advocate.


Cheryl is a financial advisor and strong human rights advocate.


Christy is a mom of three, active advocate and Studied at UH Maui College.


Firefighter/EMT, mom, hobby rancher, professional firearms instructor


Dr. Lori Blackwell is a 2A Advocate in the Chicagoland area, a prime example of why gun control does not decrease crime.


Owner of Davenport Guns and Shooting Club. National Shooting Sports Foundation Board of Governors, NSSF Range Advisory Chairman (woman). Firearms Instructor and Competitive Shooter.


Registered Nurse, PhD Nurse Educator, Grandmother, professional instructor


Kentucky state and chapter leader for Armed Women of America, newlywed, IT guru.


Becky Lou Lacock is an avid outdoor enthusiast and strong advocate and political activist for protecting and preserving the 2nd Amendment.


Mom, volunteer, small business owner


Karla Mooney is a multi-discipline firearms instructor who advocates to protect the civil rights of all Americans.


Business owner, firearms instructor, mother, and 2nd Amendment advocate.


Marcy had a distinguished career as an Executive Paralegal and now serves as firearms instructor and operations manager.


Mother of 3, Registered Nurse, Firearms Instructor, and a 2nd Amendment Advocate,


Mom, wife, daughter and Mississippi native, who is a competitive shooter and Range Safety Officer.


Mom, Wife, Chapter Leader for Armed Women of America Shooting Chapters, 2A advocate, and competitive shooter.


Melinda is a business owner, professional firearms instructor and outdoor enthusiast.


Mom, veteran, small business owner, professional firearms instructor


Susan is a small business owner, professional firearms training counselor, mom and grandmother.

New Hampshire

Australian-American, wife, step-mom, stenographer, yogi, dog mom, firearms and archery instructor.

New Jersey

Mom, Attorney, New Jersey Delegate and State Director

New Mexico

Nan Barker is a small business owner, mom of two, holds multiple leadership positions in several local non-profit organizations, and is a certified firearms instructor.

New York

Lauren is a full-time paramedic in NYC and also the owner of Athena Defense Training. When she is not working or teaching, she spends her time advocating for the Second Amendment.

North Dakota

Mom, Insurance Agent, Outdoor enthusiast, Advocate


Mother of 12, Support Specialist, Community Volunteer, Firearms instructor


Tricia Wisehart is a Range Safety Officer, active in women’s shooting leagues, and is passionate about volunteering in her community, including advocating for women’s gun rights.


Ladies Hunting Camp, Co-Host Extreme Desire TV, Cabelas Pro-Staff, Cregon Access & Habitat Board, St. James Sporting Properties.

Rhode Island

Renee Gagne is an Operating Room Registered Nurse, 2A Advocate, Certified Pistol Instructor, and Range Safety Officer.

South Carolina

Ashley is a wife, retired lobbyist, political TV talk show host and member of the her local school board.

South Dakota

Co-producer and co-editor of the Polite Society Podcast, and co-founder and current Board Member of The AMM-Con 2nd Amendment Media Workshop.


Small business owner, wife, mom.


Alison is a small business owner, certified firearms instructor and active in her ministry.


Stay at home mom, firearms enthusiast, advocate


Corrections Officer, mom, grandma, wife, professional firearms instructor and Second Amendment Advocate.


Insurance agent, mom, wife, founder of Mom-at-Arms, firearms instructor,

Browse by State:

Northeast Region
  • CT – Mary Forgues
            Holly Sullivan *
  • DE – 
  • ME – Andee Reardon
  • MD – Karla Mooney
  • MA – Kerrie Ann Auclair
  • NJ – Theresa Inacker
  • NY – Lauren Hartnett
  • NH – Kate Giddins
  • PA – Kelly Pidgeon *+
  • RI – Renee Gagne
  • VT – Sirena Zahn
  • VA – Jill McDaniel
  • WV – Chelsie Rose
Southeast Region
  • AL – Virginia D’Antonio
  • FL – Shirley Watral
  • GA – Cheryl Lavette
  • IN – Beth Walker +
  • IL – Lori Blackwell
  • KY – Robyn Phillips
  • MI – Marcy Jankovich 
  • MO – Susan Myers
  • NC – 
  • OH – Candy Petticord
       Amanda Suffecool *+
  • SC – Ashley Widener
  • TN – Ashley Britt
  • WI –  
Northwest Region
  • AK – Jenn Graham
  • IA – Jeanelle Westrom
  • ID – Katina Morris
  • MN – JoAnne Max
  • MT – Melinda Davis
  • NE – Patricia Harrold
  • ND – 
  • OR – Candy Yow
  • SD – Susan Lathrop
  • UT – Raelle Cunningham
            Cindy Zumwalt *+
  • WA –  
  • WY –  

Southwest Region

  • AZ – Cheryl Todd
  • AR – Vallee McColley
    Staci Claunch*+
  • CA – Kimberly Southwell
  • CO – Barb Miller
  • HI – Christy Gusman
  • KS – Dana Bush
            Dianna Muller ^
  • LA – Becky Lou Lacock
  • MS – Tara Fritz
  • NV – Susan Schwertfeger
  • OK – Tricia Wisehart
  • NM – Nan Barker
  • TX – Alison Adams
            Robyn Sandoval *+


* Regional Director
+ National Advisory Board
^ Founder


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