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Education Not Legislation

Exploiting Pain for Politics

Have you ever witnessed something you knew was so wrong on so many levels, and been unable to speak out?

That’s exactly what I experienced last week as I sat through a congressional hearing that was pitched as a bi-partisan attempt to address gun violence. This hearing was run by Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Houston, who is the chair of the House Judiciary Committee’s subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security.

The DC Project Message Resonates on Capitol Hill

The DC Project, Women for Gun Rights, returned to Washington, DC, September 13-16, 2022, to deliver its core message to Congress. The group’s fifty-one delegates representing forty-eight states met with legislators from both sides of the aisle, advocating gun rights are human rights. Their effort concluded with a rally on the steps of the United States Supreme Court.

What does Candy have up her sleeve now??

You’re gonna love it!  As you may know, Candy Yow, who is an avid hunter, conservationist and outdoor media writer, is also the Oregon State Director for DC Project, Women for Gun Rights, a nationwide organization of women committed to safeguarding the Second Amendment. Annually, the group heads to Washington, DC to meet with their… Read More »What does Candy have up her sleeve now??

DC Project Delegate Lucretia Hughes Testifies Before House Committee

On Wednesday, June 8, 2022, at 10:00 a.m. ET, Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney, the Chairwoman of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, held a hearing to examine the gun violence in the United States.  The hearing examined legislation that would ban “assault weapons” and bolster background checks on gun purchases. DC Project Delegate Lucretia Hughes gave written… Read More »DC Project Delegate Lucretia Hughes Testifies Before House Committee

Protect Like A Mother

Our job as mothers is to protect our children and empower them. Thoughts and prayers are not enough; education, not legislation, is the key to safer communities. Watch and Share our video: The demands for gun control are hollow because restricting guns sounds easier than influencing human behavior, just like it is easier to take… Read More »Protect Like A Mother

DC Project Director Testifies Before U.S. Senate

May 18, 2022: Holly Sullivan, DC Project Advisory Board Member and Legislative Director, testifies to protect our Second Amendment rights. She educates legislators and spreads awareness regarding the unintended consequences of the Jackson-Elias Domestic Survivor Protection Act. This is her opening testimony during the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary Hearing: Stop Gun Violence.… Read More »DC Project Director Testifies Before U.S. Senate

For 30 Hours

By: Lauren Hartnett, NY State Director, The DC Project Working as a paramedic in New York City, I have seen my share of violence and attacks on the people in my city. We have trained for countless hours and have always been told “it’s not if, it’s when.” As a first responder, along with other… Read More »For 30 Hours

The Best first-responder is YOU.

Gun control won’t save your life when criminals strike. Gun control emboldens criminals and leave victims defenseless. 2 MILLION lives are saved each year thanks to firearms. You are your own first responder. Get involved with The DC Project TODAY & be empowered knowing you can protect what you love. The fight for our Second… Read More »The Best first-responder is YOU.

Kids S.A.F.E. Foundation Provides Real Firearm Safety Education to Kids

By Nancy Keaton, Washington Director It’s often said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Understanding that concept, Derek LeBlanc decided it was time for a new idea for true firearm safety for kids. “I wanted to change things up, try something different from… Read More »Kids S.A.F.E. Foundation Provides Real Firearm Safety Education to Kids

Quarterly Report – 3Q 2020

MESSAGE FROM DI With the election only days away, it’s important to be informed about how our U.S. Senators and Congresspeople are graded when it comes to the Second Amendment. Click here to see the most recent NSSF Congressional Report Card and learn who supports the 2A and who does not. DC PROJECT – ADVOCACY… Read More »Quarterly Report – 3Q 2020

Quarterly Report – 2Q 2020

MESSAGE FROM DI Hello, and welcome to our new quarterly report. Here you will see how the DC Project has been advocating for the preservation of the Second Amendment. We will share what we have learned on our journey, and provide tips and information for how YOU can make a difference in your community. Please… Read More »Quarterly Report – 2Q 2020