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DC Project Women Testify Before U.S. Senate & House Opposing Gun Control

Washington, D.C. – (May 24, 2021) – Three women representing the DC Project have recently testified before U.S. Senate and House Judiciary subcommittees opposing proposed anti-gun legislation.  According to DC Project Founder, Dianna Muller, “We encourage our elected policymakers on the Hill to learn why the Second Amendment is crucial to the prevention of violence. This is how we foster bi-partisan… Read More »DC Project Women Testify Before U.S. Senate & House Opposing Gun Control

Mar/Apr 2021 Update

Our Nation’s Capitol remains closed, but our desire to advocate for the 2A landed us some time with lawmakers on Capitol Hill. A small group of Delegates traveled to Washington, D.C. in April where we met with more than 40 lawmakers to discuss why “gun rights are women’s rights.” In our meetings, we presented ourselves… Read More »Mar/Apr 2021 Update

Legislators Find Allies in the DC Project

Washington, D.C. – (April 26, 2021) – Twelve women representing the DC Project traveled from across the U.S. to meet with elected officials in Washington, D.C. last week. They brought their voices to defend the Second Amendment, made the case that gun rights are women’s rights, and pitched the group as a trusted resource to lawmakers. DC Project: Gun… Read More »Legislators Find Allies in the DC Project

DC Project Responds to White House Attack on 2A

TULSA, OK – (April 9, 2021) – The DC Project, Women for Gun Rights, has a strong response to the Biden Administration’s anti-Second Amendment proclamations from the Rose Garden yesterday. The new restrictions will not keep Americans safer.  Representatives from Moms Demand Action cheered at the White House press conference when the executive orders to “address the gun violence… Read More »DC Project Responds to White House Attack on 2A

Senate Judiciary Hearing on Gun Control

When Chris Cheng was invited to testify at the Senate Judiciary Hearing on “Constitutional and Common Sense steps to Reduce Gun Violence,” on March 23, he asked Dianna Muller for ideas and support. She was on the next flight! While helping Chris prepare for his testimony, she suggested that she and fellow Second Amendment advocate Maj Toure of Black Guns… Read More »Senate Judiciary Hearing on Gun Control

Jan/Feb 2021 Update

Our Second Amendment rights are under attack like never before. Numerous pieces of legislation are threatening our freedoms.  Please act now to let lawmakers know your wishes. They work for you, and it’s crucial to phone them or email them to voice your opinion. DON’T WAIT! Contact your Representative:  Contact your Senator: Calling for 2A… Read More »Jan/Feb 2021 Update

Quarterly Report – 4Q 2020

MESSAGE FROM DI We made history in 2020 by increasing the DC Project from a small group of 50 women (one from every state) to thousands of advocates across the U.S. Despite difficulties caused by the pandemic, our growth spurred more conversations with federal and state lawmakers than in any previous year of our activism. … Read More »Quarterly Report – 4Q 2020

DC PROJECT OFFICIALLY LAUNCHES #TealFor2ACampaign For Second Amendment Advocacy

TULSA, OK – (November 23, 2020) – The #TealFor2A campaign is a collective movement spreading across America in support of the Second Amendment. The color teal represents a steadfast commitment to preserving the right to bear arms and reflects the shared mission of individuals and organizations fighting for gun rights.  Spearheaded by the DC Project, #TealFor2A cause… Read More »DC PROJECT OFFICIALLY LAUNCHES #TealFor2ACampaign For Second Amendment Advocacy