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DC Project Asks Floridians to turn #TealFor2A

By Shirley Watral, Florida Director

I find there is nothing more refreshing and inspiring than spending time with like-minded people who are passionate about the same thing you are; March 20th I was a part of the Florida Carry Speaker Event. My friend June and I setup a table for DC Project. We sold T-shirts, hoodies, and shared the DC Project mission.

This event is the best kept secret that needs to get more recognition. Florida Carry organized it in Summerfield and brought in some highly recognized 2nd Amendment advocates in the country! They came from California, Arizona, Ohio, Massachusetts and South Dakota, to name a few. They shared their stories, knowledge, and passion for the right to bear arms. Being able to listen to this caliber of talent and knowledge in one place is nothing short of amazing.  

There are currently 2.4 million conceal carry weapons license holders in Florida. If you are one of those 2.4 million or will be joining that number I highly recommend you get involved and start standing up for the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment. They are under attack in the worst way. Thousands of men and women paid the ultimate price for the freedoms we have and now it is time to do our part. History has shown that once freedoms are taken away, it is almost impossible to get them back.  

Join us in holding the line! DC Project, women for gun rights, need women to join that believe gun rights are women’s right. We are in a fight against the Bloomberg funded “red shirt whining mommies” that are trying to take away our way of defending ourselves. We are the counter voice and counter visual for them. We need to get the #tealfor2a wave going through Florida! We need your voice to make calls, tell your story, and help us establish relationships with legislators. If writing is more your thing we need women to email their lawmakers. If organizing rallies or fundraisers are up your alley, we need you too. We need whatever talent you can bring to the table to win this fight.

Florida Carry is a great organization that needs the support of Floridians who believe in the 2nd Amendment. They are very aggressive in defending our right to bear arms and have gone to court when necessary. They have helped rewrite proposed bills so they are advantageous to the citizens of Florida.  

DC Project and Florida Carry are nonprofit, and nonpartisan organizations that need your support. I highly recommend you mark your calendar as soon as next year’s speaker event is announced. You will learn about your rights and freedoms and make lifelong friends.  

If you believe in the 2nd Amendment…. 

If you believe you need to be able to defend yourself and your loved ones if necessary… 

If you believe in the United States of America… 

YOU need to take action!  Go to and and joins us in the fight to save our right to bear arms.

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