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Empowering Women & Youth through Hunting Skills

It’s easy to shop for groceries. But have you ever thought “I might need to find my own food one day?”  Or, maybe you want to learn a new skill set and be challenged. That’s where Yow’s Hunting Camps come in.

Imagine forty or more women in the middle of the desert, partaking in a camp that will help them become more self-sufficient, build their confidence in skills that will lead them to being successful in harvesting their own meat, processing it, and caring for their families. Sounds heavenly, right?

Not only will these ladies find the skills, but they will also be among like-minded women sharing 3 ½ days growing friendships, finding hunting & fishing partners, finding a support group that will cheer them on, and supporting their “I can do this” attitude.  

Yow’s Hunting Camps has been doing this for twelve years. Hundreds of women and youth have come to learn hunting and survival skills, all while having the time of their lives! Incredible and notable instructors are on hand, with more than 20 classes to choose from, all while spending time in God’s country learning.  Students experience laughter and joy, and maybe even cry a little around the campfire, grow self-esteem, build confidence, and leave with so many new friends, memories, and empowerment to get out and get it done. 

Skills taught include: Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun and Archery, Orienteering, learning to use a compass, map, GPS and OnXhunt app, Tracking & Scouting, Tree Stands and Ground Blinds, Survival, Turkey Hunting, Blacktail Hunting, Predator Hunting, setting up Camp Sites, How to Sharpen Knives, Skinning and Quartering Large Game, Processing Demo, Traeger Grill Demo with meat from the skinning class, and so much more!

Ethical hunting is taught in numerous classes, which includes shot placement, appreciation for the wildlife and conservation.  This is for every level of hunter from novice, never having shot a firearm or bow, to seasoned hunters in a slump or someone just looking for some folks to go hunting with. Students arrive from all areas of the country.  Arrangements are made to ensure smooth travel, like airport transportation, and camp lodging to make stays comfortable. 

One of the main reasons Yow’s Hunting Camps was started was women prefer to learn from third party instructors. It can be frustrating or difficult to learn from a husband, brother, father etc. We understand that, and bring seasoned instructors that will teach at individual levels, provide encouragement, guidance, and coaching, to reach the next level, and a support team that is more like a family who will provide motivation throughout the year. 

Former student, Kelly Pidgeon, remarks “Ladies’ Hunting Camp was such an amazing experience. Even though I already knew how to use firearms, I never hunted. I was blown away by the level of expertise of the instructors and all the hands-on applications provided to us. It’s one of those experiences where you bond with others for a lifetime, let alone, find skills that will also last a lifetime.”

Youth camps sort of evolved on their own, when teenage girls started to come with their moms. 2024 will be the fourth year youth camps will be offered. We will continue to encourage our kids to have respect for our wildlife, ethical hunting, conservation, and appreciation for our harvests.  

The Yow’s love hunting!  They are passionate about it and about teaching it to others. Watching others be successful has become one of their greatest joys. Seeing their students become independent hunters, harvesting their animals, feeding their families, and using the skills it takes to be self-sufficient. 

Our world is changing, and we may need to go back to harvesting our own food for survival. These camps will teach those skills and abilities while having a great time as well. 

For more information contact Candy Yow  or check out the website to register at  

Candy is available for Podcasts, interviews, or even as a speaker to your group event.  She can cover all hunting topics, conservation, Christian Outdoor groups, Second Amendment and more.   

Candy Yow is the Oregon State Director for Women for Gun Rights

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