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Jan/Feb 2021 Update

Our Second Amendment rights are under attack like never before. Numerous pieces of legislation are threatening our freedoms. 

Please act now to let lawmakers know your wishes. They work for you, and it’s crucial to phone them or email them to voice your opinion. DON’T WAIT!

Contact your Representative: 

Contact your Senator:
Calling for 2A Sanctuary

Minnesota State Director, JoAnne Max rounds up support to make her county a Second Amendment Sanctuary. 

Click here to read.
2A Advocacy in Missouri’s Capitol

Susan Myers, State Director for the state of Missouri, testified in support of the Second Amendment at her state capitol twice recently.

First in the House General Laws Committee hearing for the MO Second Amendment Preservation Act. She then testified in support of CCW in houses of worship, and how proposed bill would infringe upon 2A rights. 

Click here for 2A Preservation Act testimony.
Click here for CCW in church testimony
Jill McDaniel, Virginia State Director

Jill Virginia State Director is tireless in educating folks about the Second Amendment through her DC Project activities.

Click here to see what she’s doing.
Riding Shotgun With Charlie

New Jersey State Director, Theresa Inacker talks about her experience asking Chris Cuomo about gun rights at a CNN Town Hall.

Click here to watch the video
Gun Owners Radio Interview
Women’s Self Defense Rights with the DC Project

Our Southwest Regional Leader, Robyn Sandoval, and California State Director, Gina Roberts, discussed how the DC Project is advocating for women’s self-defense rights.

Click to watch.
Armed Society Podcast

Founder, Dianna Muller, and Advisory Board Member, Amanda Suffecool speak about the U.S. Capitol.

Click here to watch.
2021 DC Project Team 3-Gun Match 

Our largest annual fundraiser! The third DC Project Fundraising Match will run from May 22 through 23, 2021 at the Lead Farm in Versailles, MO.

Click here for our sponsorship deck.

Join us to shoot the match.
Click to learn more and register.

Click to watch a fun video from our last match!


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