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Letters: Privacy for gun owners protected thanks to bill

Every day, we read about another data breach where sensitive information is compromised and used for nefarious purposes. Our identity — and sometimes our livelihoods — are threatened by bad actors looking to make a quick buck.

Similarly, we read about politicians and gun control activists working in tandem to undermine the Second Amendment on the state and federal level. Our personal safety — and the lives of those we love — is undermined by gun control policies that disarm law-abiding citizens.

Thankfully, here in Louisiana, we have state leaders who understand the value of privacy and the Second Amendment.

Last week, Gov. Jeff Landry signed Senate Bill 301, the Second Amendment Financial Privacy Act, into law, which protects the privacy and sensitive information of those who purchase firearms and ammunition in our state.

We all know how this data could be abused by corporations to blacklist gun owners or by radical governments to seize lawfully obtained firearms. Through SB 301, Louisiana citizens will be able to protect themselves from powerful entities and dangerous predators.

So, on behalf of Women for Gun Rights, gun owners in Louisiana, and all people who value freedom and public safety, thank you to Gov. Landry, the bill sponsors — Sen. Blake Miguez, R-New Iberia, and Rep. Troy Romero, R-Jennings, — and all their like-minded colleagues at the Capitol. We appreciate your leadership and commitment to protecting privacy and the Second Amendment in our great state.


Louisiana state director, Women for Gun Rights

This Letter to the Editor appeared in The Advocate.

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