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Mar/Apr 2021 Update

Our Nation’s Capitol remains closed, but our desire to advocate for the 2A landed us some time with lawmakers on Capitol Hill. A small group of Delegates traveled to Washington, D.C. in April where we met with more than 40 lawmakers to discuss why “gun rights are women’s rights.”

In our meetings, we presented ourselves as a trusted resource for policymakers and explained how existing and proposed anti-gun legislation affects each of us.

If you value our volunteer efforts, PLEASE consider supporting us, and ask your friends to help us too!

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DC Project Earns Congressman’s Endorsement
Representative Thomas Massie (TN) 

After presenting to the Second Amendment Caucus, Congressman Massie said, “These ladies actually gave us a voice today, and I know we’re going to be able to make better arguments in our hearings, on the floor, in debates, and I know we’re going to be able to hold the line because DC Project came here tonight.”
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U.S. Senate Testimony
Red Flag Laws 

Tennesee State Delegate, Nikki Goeser,  testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding Red Flag Laws and extreme risk protection orders.

Her testimony begins at the 54-minute mark.

Click here to read her written testimony.
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Designating Ohio as a Sanctuary State

Amanda Suffecool, State Director for the state of Ohio, testified in support of the Second Amendment at her state capitol. If it passes, Ohio would have the power to nullify any federal law or court ruling that opposes the Second Amendment.

Her testimony begins at the 18:30 minute mark.
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Open Carry in South Carolina

South Carolina State Director, Amy Dillon, testified in front of the state’s House Judicial Committee in support of Representative Bobby Cox and his bill, the SC Open Carry Act. 

Her testimony begins at the 35 minute mark.
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Arizona 2A Rally
Thousands of Gun Rights Advocates Together

Arizona State Director, Cheryl Todd emceed the 8th Annual Celebrate and Protect Our Right to Bear Arms 2nd Amendment Rally on the lawn of the State Capitol. Estimates are that more than 4,500 people attended to support the 2A.
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Lead Down Range
DC Project Story

Lanny Barnes, CO Delegate, interviews our founder Dianna Muller and Dakota Overland, MN Delegate about the background of the organization and why EDUCATION is such an important theme. 
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Gun Stuff TV
DC Project Booth at 2A Rally

During the 2A Rally in Arizona, Delegate, Sharon Estrada talked with GunStuff TV about the DC Project mission, the growth of state chapters, and how gun rights are women’s rights.
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Saturday, June 19

DC Project is partnered with National Train a Teacher Day.

Certified instructors across the U.S. will educate educators on firearm safety and other important topics. If you are or know,  a teacher, administrator, school staff, or work with youth in a leadership capacity, training is FREE!
Education saves lives.
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WEAR #TealFor2A 

Early June marks a time when folks “against gun violence” wear the color orange.

Join the DC Project and wear TealFor2A! We believe that firearm safety and violence prevention are achieved through “Education NOT Legislation.”

Join us by wearing the color teal, and use the hashtag #TealFor2A on social media.
How to Talk About Gun RightsHow to Talk About Guns, Safety, and Protecting the Civil Rights of All Americans helps you craft your own story and further the 2A conversation wrongly drowned out in many parts of society and media. 

Click below for details and to download the flyer. 
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