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Press Release: House Judiciary Subcommittee Calls Women for Gun Rights Members as Witnesses

[Washington, DC] – Women for Gun Rights (WGR) applauds the recent hearing, “Second Amendment Rights Empower Women’s Rights” conducted by the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime and Federal Government Surveillance. This crucial discussion sheds light on the intersection of women’s empowerment and the fundamental right to bear arms, recognizing the vital role the Second Amendment plays in ensuring the safety and freedom of all.

At the forefront of the hearing were two witnesses involved with Women for Gun Rights: Shirley Watral, WGR Florida State Director, and Beth Alcazar, Alabama state delegate. Both women provided compelling testimony, articulating the importance of recognizing and preserving the constitutional rights of women to defend themselves.

Left to Right: Shirley Watral, Gabby Franco, Mary Forgues, Beth Alcazar

Shirley Watral, who is a survivor of domestic violence and author of “Heels to Holster”, emphasized the practical implications of the Second Amendment on women’s safety and autonomy. In her testimony, she told of kidnapping and abuse from her husband. Many can relate to her when she emphasized the lack of true protection that comes from filing a restraining order. The following statement from Watral rings true for anyone who has sought effective means of protection, “The difference between a safe sense of security and real security, for me, is my firearm. The Second Amendment is vital to me. It made a difference in my life and how I live each day.” 

Beth Alcazar, WGR delegate and USCCA instructor, brought a wealth of knowledge to the hearing, her relatable momma-bear mindset and real-life examples to underscore the importance of an armed populace. She spoke from the heart saying, “First and foremost, I’m a mother and I have made a personal choice to live as a mom with a gun. After all, I have three children who look to me as guide, coach, counselor and protector and my journey in and my dedication to firearms self defense has all been motivated by them.” This is a sentiment echoed by many mothers across the United States whose voices are drowned out by pro-gun control groups. 

Women for Gun Rights stands ready to engage with lawmakers and provide armor to allies in the legislature who are defending the right to keep and bear arms. 

Women for Gun Rights is a nationwide organization of women committed to safeguarding the Second Amendment. A non-partisan initiative of daughters, mothers, and sisters that believes education is the key to firearm safety and violence prevention, not legislation. We counter the disinformation gun control groups circulate by informing our friends, families, communities, and legislators with the truth that gun rights are human rights. Learn how to support or join the group’s effort by visiting its website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

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