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Quarterly Report – 3Q 2020


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With the election only days away, it’s important to be informed about how our U.S. Senators and Congresspeople are graded when it comes to the Second Amendment. Click here to see the most recent NSSF Congressional Report Card and learn who supports the 2A and who does not.


Gun Owners for Trump

The recently announced group, Gun Owners for Trump features 5 representatives of the DC Project. According to its website, “Gun Owners for Trump will unite gun rights advocates in our mission to protect and defend our Second Amendment rights as enumerated by the Constitution of the United States.”

  • Lanny Barnes, CO Delegate
  • Gabby Franco, VA Delegate
  • Barbara Rumpel, FL Delegate
  • Amanda Suffecool, OH Delegate, National Advisory Board, Northeast Regional Leader
  • Beth Walker, IN Delegate, National Advisory Board

Wall Street Journal: Opinion Video

Rhonda Ezell, IL Delegate appeared in the Wall Street Journal opinion video Gun Sales Surge Amid Rising Urban Violence. According to Ezell, “We have 5 million new gun owners come into the fold because they fear civil unrest.” Click here to watch the video.


Our Hawaii Delegate was a featured speaker at the Hawaii Firearms Coalition’s online Midyear Review 2020. She spoke about bringing active self-protection to HI for classes, her involvement with the DC Project, and getting a local chapter of A Girl & A Gun Chapter. Click here to watch the video.

2ND Amendment Rally – Represented by DC Project

On October 24, more than 30 speakers shared their thoughts on celebrating and defending the rights protected by the Second Amendment. The virtual event included 5 DC Project delegates including:

  • Dianna Muller, OK, Founder
  • Rebecca Schmoe, KS, State Director
  • Mary Schuster-Callison, IL, Delegate
  • Amanda Suffecool, OH Delegate, National Advisory Board, Northeast Regional Leader
  • Cheryl Todd, AZ, State Director

Click here to view the virtual rally where you can hear what our DC Project Delegates had to say.

Don’t forget to #GUNVOTE!

DC Project Panel on 2A Advocacy

A group of DC Project representatives recently spoke appeared on the GET OFF MY LAWN! podcast. The topic was Becoming a 2A Advocate. According to host ‘Sandhills Shooter’, John Anderson, “There are a myriad of things you can do to advocate for the Second Amendment…you can write letters and emails, and make phone calls to your local, state, and national elected representatives. You can even just let the world see that you’re a gun owner and you are still a law-abiding background checked citizen.” Click here to listen to the panel of 2A advocates talk about what they are doing, and what YOU can do to help advocate for the Second Amendment.

  • Stephanie Schafer, NE, State Director, Northwest Regional Director, National Advisory Board
  • Robyn Sandoval – TX, State Director, Southwest Regional Director, National Advisory Board
  • Laura Evans – NY, Delegate, National Advisory Board
  • Dianna Muller – OK, Founder, State Director
  • Amy Dillon – SC, State Director

Gun Funny Podcast #159

Dianna Muller (OK), and Laura Evans (NY) spoke with Ava Flanell, host of the Gun Funny Podcast, about the latest in the court case challenging the ban on bump stocks. Click here to listen to their conversation and learn more about “turning it teal.”


Miller v Becerra, California Assault Weapons Ban

Ashley Hlebinsky, Arizona delegate, recently traveled to San Diego to testify in front of the Honorable Roger T. Benitez in an Evidentiary Hearing on the Miller v Becerra case to rule the California Assault Weapons Ban unconstitutional. A bench trial has been set for January 2021 on the case. Details of the hearing can be found here.

Ashley is President of The Gun Code, LLC, a consulting business, where she serves as a museum advisor, expert witness on both civil and criminal cases, freelance writer, certified firearms instructor, international lecturer, on-camera historian, and television producer. She recently founded the first association in the United States to promote the academic study of firearms history and material culture.


Mary Yungeberg traveled to the capital of South Dakota, Pierre, to testify against Senate Bill 82. The extreme protection order or red flag law was subsequently killed. According to Mary, “I learned a lot from this first foray into citizen engagement in a hearing. The pro and con back and forth gave me useful ideas for future opportunities to testify.


Susan Myers traveled to the Missouri state capitol to testify before the General Laws Committee in support of House Bill 1637, ‘The Right to Bear Arms.’ She was invited by the bill’s sponsor, Jered Taylor. While wearing teal, she spoke on behalf of women across the state who wish to preserve the privileges and freedoms afforded by the Second Amendment. Click here to watch her testimony.

Susan proudly represented #TealFor2A and carried concealed as a responsible, female gun owner.


DC Project Fundraising Match 2020

The DC Project 2020 Fundraising 3-Gun Team Match is being held October 30 through November 1 at the scenic Reveille Peak Ranch in Burnett, TX.

During our largest fundraiser of the year, we encourage you to participate in the LIVE AUCTION on Friday, October 30 at 8 p.m. central time. If you can’t attend the auction in person and would like to participate by phone, please reach out to Laura Evans by text at 585-330-5525. Be prepared to share your first and last name, phone number, and email address.

Click here to see a sampling of guns, gear, accessories, and other awesome items our sponsors have donated. Below are descriptions of a few of the great packages available:

  • CONCEALED CARRY COMBO: Springfield Armory Hellcat 3″ Micro-Compact Handgun with Shield SMSC Micro Red Dot – 4 M.O.A. PLUS Dene Adams Corset Holster. MSRP $973
  • HENRY RIFLE: Henry Big Boy Silver Rifle in .44 Magnum/.44 Special with DC Project logo engraved on stock. MSRP $980
  • DESIGNER BOOTS: A gift certificate for your choice of quality leather designer boots from Lane Boots. MSRP $330
  • OLD GLORY RIFLE: F-1 Firearms Limited Editon Old Glory BDR-15 3G with H7M Ultra Lite Handguard. MSRP $3,012


The DC Project is partnering with other pro-Second Amendment organizations to initiate a national movement in support of gun rights by wearing the color teal. The #TealFor2A campaign will provide a counter-visual to “red shirts” of Moms Demand Action and other anti-gun organizations.

Any teal shirt shows your support for the 2A, but if you want one of our TEAL “Educate Not Legislate” shirts see below.


Looking for DC Project merchandise? Visit the website for the latest t-shirt designs, jewelry, stickers, and accessories.

Ordering is simple, and every purchase helps the DC Project fund our efforts to preserve the Second Amendment through education and advocacy.

Grab your Educate NOT Legislate shirt today!


It’s important to know what to say and how to say it when you’re talking about gun rights. Because the DC Project’s mission stands on the premise of education, we have developed some language tools to make it easier to have a conversation and discuss 2A issues with confidence.

How to Talk About Guns, Safety, and Protecting the Civil Rights of All Americans helps you craft your own story and further the 2A conversation that is wrongly drowned out in many parts of society and media.

Click below to access the blog post for more details and to download the flyer.

CLICK HERE for Free Download

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