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Quarterly Report – 4Q 2020


We made history in 2020 by increasing the DC Project from a small group of 50 women (one from every state) to thousands of advocates across the U.S. Despite difficulties caused by the pandemic, our growth spurred more conversations with federal and state lawmakers than in any previous year of our activism. 

Keep an eye out for our 2020 DC Project Foundation Annual Report, where we describe our success in advocating for our Second Amendment rights and our expanded educational efforts. 


America’s 1st Freedom – “Shooting Straight With Beth Walker”

DC Project Social Media Manager, Advisory Board Member, and Indiana Delegate, Beth Walker recently graced the NRA’s flagship magazine cover, America’s 1st Freedom.

The magazine includes a feature article discussing Beth’s experiences as a professional shooter and Second Amendment advocate.  Click here to read the article. (Image courtesy of NRA Publications.) 

SHOT Business Magazine – 40 Under 40 Awards
Arizona Delegate Ashley Hlebinsky was included in the SHOT Business magazine’s 40 Under 40 Awards for her tireless efforts.

Ashley’s work “directly impacts legislation – recently filing a declaration in support of the plaintiff in the bump stock case against the ATF.” Click here to read the full article.  

America’s 1st Freedom – Dakota Overland
In an article detailing “A Guide to Becoming an Active Advocate for the Second Amendment,” Dakota was asked how she spends her time when she’s not shooting competitively. Dakota is a Minnesota Delegate and an accomplished shooter who won the 2020 USPSA Multigun Ladies National Championship. (Image courtesy Blue Heron Communications.) Click here to read the article.  


Second Amendment Foundation – The Daily Bullet 
Our Illinois Delegate, Rhonda Ezell, spoke with Paul Lathrop about the two times she took the City of Chicago to court and won Second Amendment cases. Click here to watch the video.

Thursdays for 2A 
Arizona Delegate and State Director Cheryl Todd is an outspoken advocate for the preservation of our Constitutional rights. As the host of “Gun Freedom Radio,” she speaks with people all over the country about the Second Amendment.

Utilizing Facebook Live, Cheryl recently began regular #ThursdaysFor2A discussions. She and her daughter, Cassie Todd-James (fellow AZ Delegate), answer questions about the Second Amendment, and discuss what women are doing to protect our gun rights. The weekly check-in is free and open to the public. Click here to see her video from December 12.


2A Advocacy in Newtown, CT
Holly Sullivan, Connecticut Delegate and DC Project Advisory Board Member, is also the President of the Connecticut Citizen’s Defense League. Recently, Newtown, CT officials blocked efforts to ban gun-carrying in the town.

Holly is quoted in an article saying, “ordinances that seek to deny our citizens this important right without cause or compelling reason have no place in our communities,” referring to the blocked proposals.  Click here to read the article.PERSONAL STORIES

Newly Published “Heels to Holster” 
Shirley Watral is the DC Project Florida State Director. She wrote a book describing her discovery of the “warrior inside her as she learned to survive an abusive relationship and its aftermath.” Her story takes a deep dive into her experiences with survival, self-protection, and the gun ownership journey that led to her new career in the shooting industry.

As well as authoring her book, “Heels to Holster,” Shirley is a certified firearms instructor and a motivational speaker.  Click here to learn more


2020 DC Project Team 3-Gun Match Triples Funds

The second DC Project Fundraising Match raised more than $100k this past October. Donations from individuals, competitors, and sponsors combined to triple funds raised at the 2019 match. 

“We recognize the Miculek family for their support and offer a special thanks to Jerry Miculek and Buddy Raney of FL. Since Buddy wasn’t able to attend the match, he offered his team spot to our auctioneer and country music singer, Ryan Weaver,” explains Dianna.A former Army Blackhawk aviator and Gold Star family member, Ryan shot his first-ever 3-gun match partnered with Jerry. (Images courtesy of Josh Schave, Blue42.) Click here to read an article in Ballistic Magazine about Ryan and Jerry shooting the match.

The success of the 2020 DC Project Team 3-Gun Match is due to sponsorship and commitment from the following brands and individuals:

TITLE SPONSORS:F-1 FirearmsHenry Repeating ArmsHIPERFIREKahr ArmsMagpul IndustriesO.F. Mossberg & SonsSpringfield Armory
MATCH SPONSORS:AZ FirearmBallistipaxBenelli / UbertiBlue 42Buck & Doe’s MercantileCharles Maund ToyotaDavenport Guns & Shooting ClubDene AdamsEclipse HolstersFederal AmmunitionFenix AmmunitionFrank, BramGnat Warfare Tactical TargetsHayes Custom GunsHornady, MeighanHunters HD GoldJM4 TacticalLake Martin Machine GunLeupoldLiberty Home ConcealmentMidway USAOakenPyne SoapPeters, Mark & KaronPursue the Wild, Kristy TitusQuarter Circle 10Raney, BuddyReveille Peak RanchRISE ArmamentRumpel, BarbaraRyan Weaver CountrySafarilandSinterFireSSP EyewearStaccatoWeber TacticalWomen’s Outdoor Media Association (WOMA)XS Sights

#TEALFor2A Campaign Officially Launched
The DC Project publicly announced our #TealFor2A Campaign for Second Amendment advocacy. The #TealFor2A cause embraces the premise of no compromise on the constitutional right to bear arms in the U.S. and provides a counter-visual to the “red shirts” of Moms Demand Action and other anti-gun organizations.

Get Involved, Wear Teal, and Be Heard
Share the campaign using the hashtag #TealFor2A on social media, wear the color teal, and spread the DC Project’s social media messaging. 

Any teal-colored apparel shows your support for the 2A, but if you want one of our TEAL “Educate Not Legislate” shirts see below.  ON SALE

Looking for DC Project merchandise? Visit the website for the latest t-shirt designs, jewelry, stickers, and accessories.  

Ordering is simple, and every purchase helps the DC Project fund our efforts to preserve the 2A through education and advocacy.

Grab your Educate NOT Legislate shirt today!


It’s important to know what to say and how to say it when talking about gun rights. Because the DC Project’s mission stands on the premise of education, we have developed some language tools to make it easier to have a conversation and discuss 2A issues with confidence.

How to Talk About Guns, Safety, and Protecting the Civil Rights of All Americans helps you craft your own story and further the 2A conversation wrongly drowned out in many parts of society and media. 

Click below to access the blog post for more details and to download the flyer. CLICK HERE for Free Download


As our thanks to those who support the DC Project and all that we stand for, we’re providing you with a free subscription to American Outdoor News.

American Outdoor News brings you the best of the outdoors with objective commentary in every issue. Whether you are passionate about the Second Amendment, hiking the Appalachian Trail, hunting the Plains of Africa, or fishing the Sea of Cortez, American Outdoor News has you covered.   

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Thank You to our SPONSORS
The mission of the DC Project Foundation is to raise awareness among community members, including legislators, that firearms safety and violence prevention are achieved through EDUCATION, not legislation; to encourage the PRESERVATION of America’s gun culture from conservation and commerce to competitive sports, hunting, and self-defense; and to highlight the diversity and rising demographic of female gun owners through ongoing ADVOCACY because gun rights are women’s rights.

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