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Senate Judiciary Hearing on Gun Control

When Chris Cheng was invited to testify at the Senate Judiciary Hearing on “Constitutional and Common Sense steps to Reduce Gun Violence,” on March 23, he asked Dianna Muller for ideas and support. She was on the next flight!
While helping Chris prepare for his testimony, she suggested that she and fellow Second Amendment advocate Maj Toure of Black Guns Matter sit behind Chris throughout the hearing. Strategically seated, Maj and Dianna provided a diverse and supportive visual representation of responsible, American gun owners for the Senators listening to his testimony. 
As Chris spoke about reducing violence without punishing law-abiding citizens, Dianna and Maj nodded in agreement with him and the other pro-2A witnesses at the hearing. It was easy to see her in the chambers with her teal, DC Project #EducateNOTLegislate, #TealFor2A shirt. 
“Based on what I witnessed at the Senate Judiciary hearing, anti-gun legislators are coming full stock and barrel for our Second Amendment,” said Dianna.

Click below to see Dianna’s interview on Newsmax TV about the Senate hearing.
UPCOMING: Meetings in D.C.

The DC Project will return to the U.S. Capitol from April 19 through 22, 2021. A small contingent of women will present the DC Project mission of education, preservation, and advocacy to the Second Amendment Caucus and the Freedom Caucus.

Collaborating with pro-Second Amendment legislators on strategies to defend against the attacks of well-funded anti-gun groups like Moms Demand Action is an important part of our plan. We can’t do that from home. We are the counter-visual and opposing voice to their misinformation campaigns and emotionally manipulative pleas.

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