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Becky Lou Lacock

Becky Lou Lacock is an avid outdoor enthusiast and strong advocate and political activist for protecting and preserving the 2nd Amendment.

Becky Lou Lacock is an avid outdoor enthusiast to include hunting whitetail deer, blacktail deer, bird, wild turkey, squirrel, waterfowl, predators, and has enjoyed fresh & saltwater fishing all her life in SW Louisiana. She is a strong advocate and political activist for protecting and preserving the 2nd Amendment. She has been active in the Outdoor Industry for several years and has successfully established personal and professional relationships with many leaders in the industry, currently serving officially on staff for Kishel’s Scents & Lures, Prois Hunting Apparel, Cedar Hills Game Calls, Trophy Bag Koolers, Hunting4Connections, and 2019 Louisiana Delegate for DC Project annual trip to the Capitol, and Louisiana State DCP Leader. Becky Lou has appeared on several television productions including Outdoor Channel and NBC Sports.

As a freelance writer, she has written for both online and print magazines for renowned media outlets such as Intermedia Outdoors, Game & Fish Magazine, Sportsman’s Magazine, OutdoorHub, Gun Talk, and columnist for Women’s Outdoor News. You can always find the latest adventures, past and planned on her website She also works closely with many organizations and manufacturers across the nations effectively promoting their products and services as well as volunteering for many non-profit organizations. With her outdoor adventures beginning in 2000 after spending most of her life indoors, she is keenly aware that there are many women that do not consider most outdoor sports simply because they don’t have enough Information, encouragement and inspiration. This has helped define her mission in life, which is to provide these 3 things to women using all platforms made available to her.

Becky Lou works hard to bring women together in group activities across the nation, and encourage all women to step outside and embrace what mother nature has to offer. She affectionately refers to these outings as a “Girls Hunt Out” and has coined the phrase Let no huntress be left behind”.

Becky Lou is noted for her enthusiasm, professionalism and the inspiration she brings to women in hunting, fishing and shooting sports.