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Andee Reardon

Mom, volunteer, small business owner

Andee is a mom, business woman, outdoorswoman, hunter, self-defense and firearm instructor, range safety officer, emergency first aid instructor, and human rights advocate she is on the Board of Directors for the Gun Owners of Maine and founder of Women Who Shoot: an organization bringing women from all over New England together for training and friendship.

Andee Reardon is a mom of 3 boys, has been a foster  parent and has an adopted (now adult) daughter. 

Specializing in making lives safer through education.  In the 10 years since East Coast S.O.S. opened,  Andee’s taught thousands of students to protect  themselves with medical preparedness, self-defense and firearms training, while making comfort and confidence a top priority. Her group, Women Who  Shoot, has over 600 members and get together for  shooting events. Her goal is to provide a place for  women and girls to improve their knowledge and  abilities that can keep them safe and by educating  them on gun-related legislation and how it affects women. By doing this she hopes to bring crime  statistics down and help put an end to modern human  slavery.