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JoAnne Max

Mother of 3, Registered Nurse, Firearms Instructor, and a 2nd Amendment Advocate,

My introduction to firearms consisted mainly of plinking a rifle or shotgun on someone’s farm. When my school offered the DNR Youth Firearms course I jumped at the chance to take it. From there into adulthood I really did not have much to do with firearms. On a couple occasions I made it out to a deer stand. In 2017, I left a very complicated relationship which left me concerned for my safety and that of my children. From my years of working at a shelter for battered women, with my mother, I knew that a piece of paper was never going to stop someone intent on causing harm. I kept a rifle in my home, uneducated, I did not have the knowledge or understanding of responsible gun ownership. In 2018, I met a man, for our first date, at a gun range. From there I fell into a rabbit-hole leading to the firearms community. It was the outlet I was looking for. Locally, I shoot Action Pistol and 3-gun, offer training at our local range, and collaborate to offer education through our school district. Since taking on leadership of two chapters of The Well Armed Woman in Hibbing and Grand Rapids, and instructing a variety of firearms and first aid courses. Also, I am advocating to make our county a 2A Sanctuary. Adding to my credentialing I will be a DNR Youth Firearms Safety Instructor so I can give back to the community. I look forward to the opportunity to take on this new role with The DC Project for Minnesota!