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New Hampshire

Kate Giddins

Australian-American, wife, step-mom, stenographer, yogi, dog mom, firearms and archery instructor.

Kate is a spirited Australian expat who immigrated legally to the U.S. in 2018. She left behind her stenographer gig and beloved aerial yoga studio to take up the role of loving law-enforcement housewife, Army stepmom, and dog-mom.

Kate joined A Girl & A Gun in 2023. Despite having no experience with firearms, she took to shooting naturally and enjoys participating in competitions and has discovered a favorite style: three-gun.  Now a certified firearms and archery instructor, Kate is also part of her club’s leadership team and enjoys helping other women discover and develop their own shooting skills. She is beyond honored to represent the women of New Hampshire as state director with Women for Gun Rights. Although she has much to learn about the legislative process here, with time and the help of friends and colleagues already working to support the cause, Kate is determined to ensure the Live Free Or Die state remains free for everyone.