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North Dakota

Heather Haag

Mom, Insurance Agent, Outdoor enthusiast, Advocate

Mother, dog mom, licensed insurance agent, patriot, avid shooter, outdoor enthusiast, and Second Amendment Advocate.

Born and raised in the heart of North Dakota, Heather Haag has been deeply influenced by her family’s military heritage.  Growing up amidst the vast landscapes of North Dakota, her passion for hunting and shooting was ignited at an early age mostly during deer hunting trips with family.

In 2008, with the support of the local Abused Adult Resource Center, Heather found the strength to leave an abusive and tumultuous marriage, prioritizing the safety of herself and her daughter. Empowered by this experience, she pursued a career in insurance and obtained a concealed carry permit and has since become a staunch advocate for self-defense.

Heather is very active in various hunting and gun rights advocacy groups. Before becoming an advocate, she spent 13 years as a personal trainer and sports nutritionist. Outside professional life, Heather enjoys mountain bike racing and outdoor activities.

As the North Dakota State Director for Women for Gun Rights, Heather is embracing the opportunity to champion the rights of women to protect themselves and their loved ones. Her journey is a testament to resilience, empowerment, and the pursuit of freedom by protecting our right to bear arms through the Second Amendment.