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Tricia Wisehart

Tricia Wisehart is a Range Safety Officer, active in women’s shooting leagues, and is passionate about volunteering in her community, including advocating for women’s gun rights.

I retired in 2013 after almost 40 years in the travel industry. I have lived in Oklahoma my entire life except for a 6 month stint in London, England in 1994 and a 3 month stint in Dublin, Ireland in 1997. I was lucky enough to travel to many international destinations as part of my job and I made many friends all over the world. I love to volunteer in my spare time and I deliver Meals on Wheels one day a week, work with Great Pyrenees Rescue of Oklahoma, serve on the Board of Friends of the Guthrie Public Library, and serve on a United Way Investment sub-committee. I became involved in the DC Project in 2020 through A Girl and A Gun and have made the most amazing friends on this journey of learning to defend myself and my right to own a firearm.