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South Dakota

Susan Lathrop

Co-producer and co-editor of the Polite Society Podcast, and co-founder and current Board Member of The AMM-Con 2nd Amendment Media Workshop.

Susan is one of the quintessential behind the scenes personalities in the gun industry. although she normally shuns the spotlight, she helps steer many familiar 2nd Amendment media and gun rights organizations that you have heard of.

She’s the co=producer and co-editor of The Polite Society Podcast and helps guide the Self Defense Radio Network. She is a co-founder and current board member (and organizational wizard) with The AMM-Con 2md Amendment Media Workshop that is held each year in conjunction with the Gun Rights Policy Conference.

In addition, she is a proud Army veteran who qualified expert with the M16, is a mother of 4 along with several “adopted” children. Grandmother of 8 and still manages to keep her husband, Paul, in line.

On top of all that, Susan manages a kitchen in her home town of Sioux Falls, works with the local Renaissance Festival and has authored a cookbook.