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Cindy Zumwalt

Northwest Regional Director

Formerly anti gun, mom, grandma, Business Office Manager, firearms instructor, advocate

Formerly anti-gun, Cindy is now a strong advocate for firearms education and safety with a goal to empower herself and others. In addition to actively contributing to training events with “A Girl and A Gun”, she is a passionate supporter of our Second Amendment. Her ongoing interest in current and proposed gun laws benefits her when teaching others to understand and appreciate their constitutional right to protect themselves and their families. In addition to helping women gain skills and confidence with firearms, Cindy enjoys recreational shooting in her spare time and is the Northwest Regional Director for Women for Gun Rights.

Cindy is “A Girl and A Gun” member and a certified Range Safety Officer. When not training at the range or educating others, Cindy continues her career as a Business Operations Manager. She also enjoys camping, traveling, and spending quality time with her grandkids.