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Sirena Zahn

Corrections Officer, mom, grandma, wife, professional firearms instructor and Second Amendment Advocate.

Following a particularly scary event. Sirena made the decision to protect herself with firearms. She didn’t take the decision lightly and sought help and training from a woman’s shooting organization. Through the support of the other women she gained the skills and confidence to become a firearms instructor and start a new chapter of the organization. She is passionate about her volunteer work teaching women to be safe, responsible and confident gun owners.

In her desire to learn everything she could related to guns and gun culture. What she learned was that having and carrying a gun is normal and that normal people own and carry guns. She also saw how guns were being vilified in the media and politicians wanted to take the guns away. If that weren’t enough, they were violating peoples’ rights to do it.

Sirena has become a strong supporter and advocate of the 2nd Amendment, as well as The Constitution as a whole. She recently spear-headed and presented a resolution to her town where it was adopted, making it one of the first sanctuary townships in Vermont.