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Advisory Board

Cindy Zumwalt

Formerly anti-gun, Cindy is now a strong advocate for firearms education and safety with a goal to empower herself and others. In addition to actively contributing to training events with “A Girl and A Gun”, she is a passionate supporter of our Second Amendment. Her ongoing interest in current and proposed gun laws benefits her… Read More »Cindy Zumwalt

Staci Claunch

As a firearms enthusiast, I truly enjoy the sport, however my real passion is training and working with women who are new to the sport. I am a proud Veteran of the U.S. Navy and U.S. Army, and served in Baghdad and Afghanistan. In 2017, Staci started the Well Armed Woman Southern Arkansas Chapter, because… Read More »Staci Claunch

Holly Sullivan

Holly is a working professional raising her daughter. She holds a Masters degree and has been working in the Human Resources field for more than 10 years.  Holly is also an NRA Instructor and focuses on pro-bono training for women. She organized a group of 50 Connecticut area mothers who focus on responsible carry. She… Read More »Holly Sullivan

Amanda Suffecool

Amanda Suffecool is the host of, a syndicated radio show that is broadcast AM/FM nationwide and via podcast channels. She is a leading female voice in the Second Amendment community. A certified pistol, rifle, and shotgun instructor, Amanda is the Director and Lead Instructor for, a 501c3 organization that provides firearms training for… Read More »Amanda Suffecool

Kelly Pidgeon

Retired after 30 years in healthcare administration, Kelly is mom, wife, caregiver to her elderly mom and is an ATHENA award recipient, and community volunteer for multiple non-profit organizations. Kelly is also the owner of ARMED and Feminine, LLC, a company specializing in firearms training for women.  Her company has trained over 2,500 students in… Read More »Kelly Pidgeon

Beth Walker

Beth Walker is a competitive shooter, Second Amendment advocate, and writer. Her hope is that she can reach her generation to teach them about the importance and sanctity of our essential liberties as Americans. She writes for Women’s Outdoor News, instructs for A Girl & A Gun 3 Gun University, 2A Heritage Junior Camps, and… Read More »Beth Walker

Robyn Sandoval

Robyn Sandoval is a converted anti-gunner, who shares her journey from gun control to gun rights. Robyn is the owner and Executive Director of A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League, and manages the day-to-day operations of the organization. She is a Certified Pistol Instructor, Range Safety Officer, and has trained under many notable… Read More »Robyn Sandoval

Dianna Muller

Dianna Muller is a two-time national 3-gun champion and professional shooter. She is a retired 22-year veteran of the Tulsa Police Department serving assignments in Narcotics, Gangs, Street Crimes, and Patrol. She is a CLEET law enforcement firearms instructor, a member of the NRA Law Enforcement committee, and a subcommittee member of the Department of… Read More »Dianna Muller