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State Directors


As a former firefighter/EMT, Katina Morris saw first-hand what happened when victims couldn’t protect themselves from violence. As a mother, Katina lived through her daughter’s experience as a victim of domestic violence. She decided that she wanted to educate women about firearms and how to protect themselves. She is a professional firearms instructor and shooting chapter… Read More »Idaho


Vallee is a wife, dog mom, avid baker and candy maker, medicinal herbalist, and full-time Automotive Damage Appraiser. Community involvement is fundamentally essential to Vallee. She devotes countless hours in the following roles: volunteer judge for her local Skills USA chapter competitions, NRA pistol instructor and Range Safety Officer, Firearms Advocate, and Member of a… Read More »Arkansas


Andee is a mom, business woman, outdoorswoman, hunter, self-defense and firearm instructor, range safety officer, emergency first aid instructor, and human rights advocate she is on the Board of Directors for the Gun Owners of Maine and founder of Women Who Shoot: an organization bringing women from all over New England together for training and… Read More »Maine


Candy is the mother of 12, has worked as a Homeless Management Information System Support Specialist, ran a Food Pantry for her church for over 30 years and was the Church Administrator for 7 years.  She attended Kent State University and is a professional firearms instructor and perpetual student of the craft. She enjoys reading,… Read More »Ohio



Ashley is the owner of Wanderlust Glamping Co. LLC , specializing in glamorous camping services. A close encounter with criminals, where she had to defend herself, has raised her interest in 2A advocacy.


Cheryl received her BA in Economics from Agnes Scott College. She works in the investment/securities industry. She has served in several positions on the Atlanta Association of Women in Securities Executive Board. She has also served as a Director on the Georgia Securities Association Board.

North Dakota

Mother, dog mom, licensed insurance agent, patriot, avid shooter, outdoor enthusiast, and Second Amendment Advocate. Born and raised in the heart of North Dakota, Heather Haag has been deeply influenced by her family’s military heritage.  Growing up amidst the vast landscapes of North Dakota, her passion for hunting and shooting was ignited at an early… Read More »North Dakota

South Carolina

Ashley is a wife, retired lobbyist, political TV talk show host and member of the her local school board. She is passionate about the Second Amendment and an avid shooter.


Jill is the owner and founder at Mom-At-Arms, LLC, where she exposes Constitutional corruption and firearm disinformation and has been a very active member of the Virginia Citizens Defense League. She is also a certified firearms instructor.


Robyn has worked in healthcare IT for the last 16 years and runs a firearm coaching business. She is the Kentucky state and chapter leader of the Armed Women of America, an avid hunter, Doberman mom, and newlywed!

Rhode Island

When I first became a single mom, I felt it important that I learn how to shoot. I was one of few women at the range, and I felt uncomfortable and unsupported. I never wanted another woman to ever feel the way I felt so together with Kerrie Ann Auclair, MA State Director, we started… Read More »Rhode Island

New Hampshire

Kate is a spirited Australian expat who immigrated legally to the U.S. in 2018. She left behind her stenographer gig and beloved aerial yoga studio to take up the role of loving law-enforcement housewife, Army stepmom, and dog-mom. Kate joined A Girl & A Gun in 2023. Despite having no experience with firearms, she took… Read More »New Hampshire


Born in Jackson, Marcy lived in Lansing, Cincinnati OH and Nashville, TN before returning home to Michigan in 1990. She achieved the credential of Advanced Certified Paralegal with Specialty in Criminal Law and Procedure from NALA (National Association of Legal Assistants) in 1989 after graduation from Southeastern Paralegal Institute. Marcy served as Executive Paralegal for… Read More »Michigan


Tammy owns Red Brick Road Training and holds several certifications to teach firearms, oc spray, mental health first aid, and others. She is a mom, grandma, and passionate 2A advocate.


Dr. Lori Blackwell is our Illinois State Director. She believes that Illinois is still worth fighting for! The last state in the union to have a concealed carry law, Illinois has many second amendment supporters. The anti-2A challenges lie within Cook County, Chicago proper and its north shore suburbs. If any town could be an… Read More »Illinois


Tara Fritz is a mom, wife, daughter, and citizen that is passionate about preserving our Constitutional Rights. A Mississippi native, she was raised around firearms. She’s a competitive shooter and has been a Safety Officer with the International Defensive Pistol Association since 2016. She also assists with local ‘A Girl & A Gun’ events and… Read More »Mississippi


Barb comes from a long line of military Veterans who have served our country proudly. She is a Patriot who believes that the Constitution is paramount to our Freedom, a Firearms Instructor, and 2nd Amendment advocate with a passion for sharing her firearms knowledge and safe firearms handling with women.