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WGR Leaders Gather at NRA Annual Meeting to Champion Second Amendment Rights 

Ahead of the Texas-Rally for Gun Violence Prevention Rally, Women for Gun Rights (WGR) leaders will make an appearance at the Patriot Mobile Booth (5304) on Friday, May 17, at 11AM, to champion the Second Amendment and expose the dangers of gun control. These women include Dianna Muller (WGR Founder and former law enforcement officer), Shirley Watral (Domestic violence survivor and author of autobiography “Heels to Holster”), and Lily Tang Williams (Chinese naturalized immigrant who recently went toe to toe with gun control activist David Hogg). 

“Moms Demand Action, Everytown USA, and the well-funded gun control lobby doesn’t speak for women like me,” said WGR Founder, Dianna Muller. “Gun rights are human rights and we are working around the clock in all 50 states to safeguard the Second Amendment so mothers, daughters, sisters, and others can defend themselves and their loved ones from harm.”

WGR leaders will appear at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center (Booth 5304). Credentialed media are invited to attend. Representatives from WGR are available for interviews before, during, and after the NRA Annual Meeting.

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