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Women for Gun Rights Celebrates State Directors’ Graduation from 2024 Ambassador Academy

Women for Gun Rights proudly announces the graduation of five State Directors and five state delegates from the 2024 Ambassador Academy, held at the premier training center Where Our Families Train (WOFT). These Directors included Kimberly Southwell (CA), Tina Morris (ID), Patricia Harrold (NE), Candy Petticord (OH), and Realle Cunningham (UT). The delegates in attendance were Taren Darr, TE Foster, Alicia Garcia, Abby Petticord, and Olivia Shane

The Ambassador Academy, with its rich curriculum in leadership, social media, public speaking, filming, and crisis communication, provided a platform for our directors to refine their advocacy skills. This aligns with our mission to empower women through education and leadership in the Second Amendment realm.

Dianna Muller, the founder of both the Ambassador Academy and Women for Gun Rights, has tailored this program to mold leaders poised to represent the firearms community positively. The engagement of our State Directors signifies Women for Gun Rights’ commitment to growth and proactive advocacy.

“Ambassador Academy is a transformative program, designed to engage the skills and talents of attendees and take them to another level.” says Nebraska State Director Patricia Harrold, “It’s a truly immersive learning experience that blends top-notch delivery of best practices and hands-on application so you leave with an action plan to make a difference and advance your goals beyond your wildest imagination.”

Post-academy, our directors are now better equipped to motivate and guide women in their states, advocating for our foundational rights and freedoms.

Women for Gun Rights anticipates the impactful contributions these trained leaders will make to our cause and the broader Second Amendment dialogue. We continue to champion education, advocacy, and training to ensure women’s voices are influential in the gun rights discussion.

For more information about the Ambassador Academy, please visit the website.

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